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Responsiveness Analysis of human heat signatures
Intuitive read of pilot’s “touch”
Recognition “Martial Clustering” sensor package
Facial recognition / terrorist database
Impact Liberated 50,000+ “acres of conflict”
Launched “My Drone, My Friend” program
Reach Multinational “eXtreme-Tactics” coverage
Continuous event lifetime coverage
Tech Specs
Size 4’ wingspan (1.2192 meters)
2,220 lbs. (fully loaded / armed)
Speed Max 520 km/h (323.11 mph)
Stall speed, 95 km/h (59.03 mph)
Weapons Micro missiles
Laser-guided surgical bombs
Media Multi-spectral O-Targeting System
Built-in radar evasion (standard)
Material Titanium core with lithium infusions
Graphene infused “slim-threads”
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