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Responsiveness Hyper-touch trigger measures intent
Industry minimum accidental stun %
Recognition Finger “scales” confirm owner ID
“Feather-touch” adjustable charges
Impact Winner of “Neighborhood Friend” award
Non-lethal means community trust
Reach Neutralizing inner-city gangs and terrorist cells
Cornerstone of “Safety Zone” initiative
Tech Specs
Size 6 inch (15.2 cm) height
7.5 inch (19.05 cm) length
Weight 21.7 oz. (615.19 g.)
With cartridge: 23.3 oz. (660.54 g.)
Range 35 to 50 feet
10.7 to 15.2 meters
Accuracy 3-inch shock radius
9-inch burn radius
Material Carbon-tensile barrel
Nitrogen propulsion Smart-cartridge
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