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Awareness Conversant in 2,000+ languages/dialects
“Live” cultural sensitivity feed
Recognition Biorhythmic “Ally/Threat” assessment
Sensitized via millions of engagement scenarios
Impact 450+ “Life-Saves” per unit in field (median)
Stationed at over 2,000 schools worldwide
Reach Strategic scouts on all global forward bases
“Neighborhood Serenity” leads in 1,000+ communities
Tech Specs
Size 5’10 tall (1.778 meters)
1,925 lbs. (“battle trim”)
Speed Max road “running”, 45 km/h (27.96 mph)
Max off-road, 30 km/h (18.64 mph)
Weapons Dual automatic carbon-infused pistols
Armor piercing or flame-thrower attack
Media DIGImx3 battle cams w/ telescopic snap zoom
Bio-Mylar Jr.: vocal trackers (0.015% distortion)
Material Tempered O-Shield armor
Infused graphene with mutating bonds
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