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Awareness Conversant in 1,500+ languages
AI-enabled “crisis decision tree”
Recognition “Ally/Threat” sensor package
Voice and facial identification
Impact 9,000+ projected “Life-Saves”
Honoree, Baghdad’s “Bright Future’s Program”
Reach Operational on all 7 continents
Reduced threat level in 100+ cities globally
Tech Specs
Size 11’ tall (3.3528 meters)
7,550 lbs. (fully loaded)
Speed Max road “running”, 30 km/h (18.64 mph)
Max off-road, 20 km/h (12.43 mph)
Weapons Twin .50 cal. Cobra cannons
Hellfire missiles
Media DIGIx shatterproof cameras w/ battle stabilizer
Bio-Mylar mic tracking (0.02% distortion)
Material Reactive graphene armor
Liquid steel-infused mesoskeleton
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